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Become an Ôtentik Products freelance consultant

Become an independent consultant Ôtentik Products is to join a large family of Afro-descendant women and men motivated by the same desire and enthusiasm: to restore pride to those who have struggled for too long with their hair, who suffer from styling it and who therefore give up because they can’t find a hair stylist. hair treatment that’s right for them.

We’ve worked long and hard on our products to finally bring to market a range of moisturizing masks, strength oils and serums for textured hair, so that all Afro-descendant women and men can rediscover the pride of beautiful, healthy hair.

Becoming an Ôtentik independent consultant means helping to restore self-confidence and self-esteem to everyone. So why not you?

8 reasons to become an independent consultant

Reason number 1: Become a spokesperson for good news

Become the messenger of a beautiful story. A wonderful company story, founded on deep convictions, whose mission is to help curly-haired people like us no longer suffer when it comes to caring for our hair or simply styling it. We have a range of tried and tested products. Detangling products, repairing hair care products, hair-strengthening oils and serums and hair routines to reduce the risk of alopecia. Join us and help provide a much-needed solution for so many people who suffer from their hair.

Reason number 2: We train you to be an expert in hair care

We’ll help you learn all about our hair products, and you’ll always have the support of us and the other consultants. We’re a big family, enthusiastic about what we do every day. At the end of your training, you’ll be able to respond professionally to all questions relating to hair treatment, our care routines and direct sales . If you’re interested in learning a complementary trade, don’t hesitate to write to us.

Reason number 3: Guaranteed savings

Our first reward to our consultants is to offer them advantageous prices on our products for themselves. What could be more natural than for our brand ambassadors to be able to test, use and recommend our hair care products at lower cost? Joining Ôtentik Products as an independent consultant means taking care of others as well as yourself. It’s about proving the performance of our treatments to those who have long been looking for moisturizing treatments for their curly hair. Sign up and see how much you can save on the brand’s products.

Reason number 4: Succumb to self-fulfilment

From all the feedback received from our independent consultants around the world Quebec and theOntario what comes through most often is their joy at making a difference in the lives of the people they meet and to whom they demonstrate our hair care products. All the positive energy we get from our customers and consultants is what drives us day after day to keep working on new products. Our strength comes from this feedback. If we improve the lives of Afro-descendants by providing them with a solution to their hair problems, their testimonials and recognition will certainly change ours. If you too would like to make a contribution to your community, don’t hesitate to join us.

Reason number 5: You generate extra income

You manage your time and your personal investment. As an independent consultant, you work at your own pace. Know that you’re never alone. If you feel you’re in trouble, we’ll support you. If you need motivation, we’ll encourage you. As we said earlier, Ôtentik Products is a big family with a strong will and a common mission. You can also recruit consultants and climb the corporate ladder with bigger bonuses. Think about it seriously, sign up, test our products, be convinced and generate income.

Reason number 6: Contribute today to shaping the history of tomorrow’s Afro-descendants

You might say “Black Hairs Matter” in a humorous tone, but it’s so true! So much so that in the hair care industry, if a product works for Afro-descendant hair, it will work for all hair types! Did you know? The difficulty of styling textured hair leads some of us to adopt radical solutions that, alas, are often irreparable. Losing that beautiful hair too soon often leads to embarrassment, shame and even low self-esteem, symbolized by the use of hair tricks. Our network of independent consultants does an extraordinary job of understanding, accompanying and supporting these Afro-descendants, giving them back the pride that comes with beautiful, voluminous, strong hair. You too can take part in this collective action.

Reason number 7: Become financially independent

Our products have an average quarterly renewal rate, so you can generate regular income if you know how to maintain and develop your customer network. In addition to your customers, you can also build up a network of freelance consultants, who you in turn can train and motivate. That’s how you climb the corporate ladder and get the benefits that go with it. To find out more about how we work, please fill in the form.

Reason number 8: Get the rewards you deserve

With us, results are rewarded. You generate income for yourself, you participate in the company’s development, you receive benefits commensurate with your success. Our catalog of awards is growing thanks to all our consultants already in the field. Our recognition comes in the form of discounts on our products, prizes, VIP invitations to our end-of-year parties reserved for the best of our consultants, gifts, trips and much more. We know that income isn’t everything, and our recognition and that of other consultants is just as important to our progress.

Do you still have questions about what we offer and how we work? Sign up and we’ll tell you all about it!

Welcome to the Ôtentik family!

Step 1: Fill in the interest form

Stage 2: Completing the training of consultants

Step 3: Signing the Consultant Agreement

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