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Our beard routine

Co-wash 4-in-1 cleanser, Revival Serum, Derma Roller, Strength Oil and manual massager

Important note: Use the Derma Roller only twice a week, but the morning and evening routines can be performed daily for optimum results.

Evening routine

The evening routine includes application of the revival serum. Your beard care routine starts here!

Step 1: Co-wash 4-in-1 cleanser

Ôtentik Co-Wash 4 in 1 is a rich blend, an all-in-one solution that cleans, detangles, softens and moisturizes.

Instructions for use :
  • Wet your beard
  • Gently massage in Co-Wash 4 in 1
  • Rinse thoroughly.
A simple gesture that eliminates impurities lodged between your hairs.

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Step 2: Revival Serum

This serum helps eliminate breakage, stimulate growth and improve the volume and beauty of your beard.

Instructions for use :

  • Apply a few drops of the serum to your cheeks.

Stage 3: Derma Roller

The Derma Roller is equipped with 0.5-mm microneedles. It gently stimulates the skin to promote hair growth (Derma Roller is used a maximum of twice a week. You can skip weeks if your skin becomes too sensitive).

Instructions for use :

  • After applying the serum, roll the roller in different directions over the areas you wish to stimulate growth (horizontally, vertically and diagonally).
  • Finish with a 5-minute circular massage with our Ôtentik manual massager
  • Leave for a further 5 minutes.

NB: If the smell persists, you can lightly moisten your Ôtentik towel and clean the affected area before going to bed.

Morning routine

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Step 1: Co-wash 4-in-1 cleanser

Rinse your beard with co-wash during bathing to remove any residual odor from the revival serum.

Step 2: Oil of strength

Our oil seals in and consolidates moisture, not only fortifying your beard hairs but keeping them hydrated for as long as possible.

A damaged coat will tend to fall out more quickly. For a full beard and stronger hair, this oil is the ideal product.

Instructions for use :

  • Apply a small amount of this oil to your beard before starting your day.

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