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Beard Care Routine

Co-Wash 4 in 1 Cleanser, Revival Serum, Derma Roller 0.5 mm, Strengthening Oil, and Manual Scalp Massager

Important Notice: Use the Derma Roller a maximum of two times per week, but the morning and evening routines should be performed daily for optimal results.

Evening Routine

The evening routine includes the application of the Revival Serum.
Your beard care routine starts here!

Step 1: Co-Wash 4-in-1 Cleanser

Ôtentik’s 4-in-1 Co-Wash is a rich blend, an all-in-one solution that cleanses, detangles, softens, and hydrates.


  • Wet your beard.
  • Apply the 4-in-1 Co-Wash by gently massaging it.
  • Rinse thoroughly.

A simple gesture to eliminate impurities trapped in your beard.

Step 2: Revival Serum

This serum helps prevent breakage, promotes hair growth, and enhances the volume and beauty of your beard.


Apply a few drops of the serum to your cheeks.

Step 3: Derma Roller

The Derma Roller is equipped with 0.5mm micro-needles. It gently stimulates the skin to promote hair growth (use the Derma Roller a maximum of two times per week. You can skip weeks if your skin becomes too sensitive).


  • After applying the serum, roll the derma roller about 10 times in various directions (horizontally, vertically, and diagonally).
  • End with a circular massage using our Ôtentik manual scalp massager for 5 minutes.
  • Let it rest for an additional 5 minutes.

Note: In case of a persistent smell, you can slightly dampen your Ôtentik towel and cleanse the affected area before going to bed.

Morning Routine

Step 1: Co-Wash 4-in-1 Cleanser

Re-wash your beard with the Co-Wash during your morning shower to remove any potential residual smell from the Revival Serum.

Step 2: Strengthening Oil

Our strengthening Oil helps to keep your beard moisturized for as long as possible. Damaged beard hair tends to fall out faster. For a fuller and stronger beard, this oil is ideal.


Apply a small amount of this oil to your beard before starting your day.

Welcome to Ôtentik & Proud – the reference brand for black and mixed-race women who want to take care of their natural hair with high-quality products.

We’re proud of our “Revival” product range, which includes five hair products, a strength oil and a dietary supplement, all made from high-quality natural ingredients, free from harmful chemicals. Our products ensure the health, vigor, vitality, beauty and regrowth of hair, so that women can feel proud of their natural hair. In addition, we offer five accessories to help women style their hair in a practical and elegant way.

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