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Anti-Alopecia | Anti-Baldness Routine

Revival Serum, Derma Roller 0.5 mm, Strengthening Oil, and Manual Scalp Massager

Get visible results with our routine if the alopecia and the baldness are not congenital! Start with the evening routine!

Important Note: Use the Derma Roller a maximum of two times per week only. For the rest of the routine (morning and evening), it should be done daily for optimal results.

Evening Routine

The evening routine includes the application of the Revival Serum.

Step 1: Revival Serum

Our Revival Serum is specially designed to help combat breakage, stimulate growth, and increase hair volume. It’s perfect for promoting the regeneration of hair follicles.


Apply a few drops of serum to the areas affected by alopecia or baldness. Make sure your scalp is clean.

Step 2: Derma Roller 0.5 mm

The Derma Roller is an essential tool to promote hair growth. Its stainless-steel micro-needles help stimulate the scalp and improve the absorption of the revival serum (use the Derma Roller a maximum of two times per week. You can skip weeks if your skin becomes too sensitive).


  • After applying the serum, gently roll the Derma Roller 10 times in various directions (horizontally, vertically, and diagonally).
  • Make sure to roll the Derma Roller in all directions for better coverage.
  • Perform a circular massage using our Ôtentik manual scalp massager for 5 minutes.
  • Let it rest for an additional 5 minutes.

Note: In case of a persistent smell after applying the serum, take your Ôtentik towel, dampen it slightly, and cleanse the affected area.

  • End by applying a few drops of our strengthening Oil.
Morning Routine

Single Step: Strengthening Oil

Our strengthening Oil seals in moisture and helps strengthen your “baby hair”, keeping them hydrated throughout the day.


Apply a small amount of this oil in the morning before starting your day.

Welcome to Ôtentik & Proud – the reference brand for black and mixed-race women who want to take care of their natural hair with high-quality products.

We’re proud of our “Revival” product range, which includes five hair products, a strength oil and a dietary supplement, all made from high-quality natural ingredients, free from harmful chemicals. Our products ensure the health, vigor, vitality, beauty and regrowth of hair, so that women can feel proud of their natural hair. In addition, we offer five accessories to help women style their hair in a practical and elegant way.

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